Friday, November 28, 2008

Yeah, I'm crazy

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but today I officially became one of those crazy people that gets up at 6am to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. The craziest part? I went shopping not for a flat screen TV or some new-fangled toy, but for fabric. Yeah.

Normally, I avoid Black Friday sales like the plague (in fact, I generally try not to leave the house that day if I can help it), but Joann had a bunch of really good deals and I just couldn't resist. I was expecting the worst, like people pushing and shoving, but I will say, it was really quite civilized. Mostly nice older ladies who were very polite and apologetic about getting in each other's way and willing to pass on what was left of the bolts they used. I'm sure it was a different scene at Walmart.

I don't have the camera handy, but even if I did, I'm not sure I can post a picture of what I bought. It's too embarassing. Let's just say I went overboard and leave it at that.


chemgrrl said...

I got up early this morning too! To go to Michael's. I got a sweater's worth of pretty pink Patons for less than $15. Can't beat that with a stick.

Didn't think of going to JoAnn's. Hmm. Maybe I can hit it up after work.

Michelle said...

Joann's yarn sale wasn't anything to write home about. 2/$7 Patons wool, which I imagine was the same as Michael's.

I am currently de-stashing most of my Patons and Lion Wool. It just doesn't knit up soft enough for kids stuff.

J said...

it took all of my self control to keep myself from fabric shopping yesterday. I think I probably would have done it if i didn't have a husband and 2 kids in tow. And I ordered fabric online on the day before thanksgiving. lol

CNH said...

I was all sad that I was so sick! 1.50 a yard for flannel......SOB SOB SOB!

Chrystyna said...

I'm glad we went at 10:30 instead of 6:00! It sounds like it saved me a ton of money!! The sales were awful by the time we got there :(


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