Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sock creatures, hats and more babylegs, oh my!

I keep saying that I'm done making babylegs for good, but then I see some adorable socks and I just can't resist churning out one or two more pairs. I'm a sucker, what can I say? But here are two pairs from that last big batch that I saved for E. They're a cashmere blend so they're super soft and snuggly.

But I have also been busy making some other stuff, both for fun and for profit. Most recently, I finished this custom baby hat based on the colors of a popular local sporting team that shall remain nameless. Then based off of a post on my mom's board, I got on a crazy kick of making little sock creatures. Here's the first one I tried, and I have a couple more waiting in the wings. They're surprisingly easy and fun to make, even though they do require a bit of hand-stitching. I think I may have to make an army of them to guard the house...or maybe to give as little gifts.

1 comment:

chemgrrl said...

Heh, I've made a few of those sock creatures. Fun, aren't they?


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