Monday, November 17, 2008


I've got baby leg warmers coming out the wazoo. Pictured above are 14 pairs of babylegs. Granted, some of them were ones I made earlier this year, but I also left out 6 new pairs that I sold/gifted. Oh and one Halloween pair that I obviously dropped the ball on. Oops. I really had to force myself to get through these and I'm thinking I may never make them again. Well, except for the two pairs of socks that I specifically bought for E. And maybe if I see some really cute Christmas-y ones. Argh, I suck!

I actually managed to be fairly productive this past weekend though. Besides the babylegs marathon, I also managed to get some knitting done. So I'm slowly but surely making a dent in my huge to-do list.


Chrystyna said...

Thanks for sucking me in to this nightmare. I have about 20 pairs sitting on my dining room table right now (sigh)!

Glad you finally made it through the stack! I know you've been talking about making them for months. I hope you get them all sold :)

chemgrrl said...

How did you make those? By taking knee-high socks and cutting off the foot and adding elastic to the bottom? Hmm, clever.

Michelle said...

Pretty much, except there's no elastic involved. You use the foot part that you cut off to make a cuff, so there's almost no waste. I have a link to the tutorial in an old post somewhere.

Jacki said...

Hey, I see two pair that Aldous wears now!! tee hee!!


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