Monday, August 20, 2007

Admitting I have a problem (part one)

strawberry hatI think I'm addicted to yarn. I have so much yarn now, that I've lost track of my stash. A couple months ago, I did what I thought was a thorough inventory. I came up with two large rubbermaid storage bins, in addition to a duffle bag and a large zipped bag that originally held a comforter. That's pretty bad, in and of itself. I didn't dare count the number of actual skeins or even colors, but let's just say that it's way more than any reasonable person should have.

Then last night, I was looking for something else (more on that in later), and found yet another bin under the guestroom bed...and then another one. I also realized I have two small bags that have been kind of floating around the house. **sigh** I should also now confess that in the past couple weeks, I've been buying more. What can I say? I can't help myself. I keep seeing yarn that's so cheap, I can't pass it up, so I pick up a few skeins, rationalizing that I'll eventually find a use for it. Or, I get fixated on some new project idea that, of course requires a new and specific type of yarn that I don't already have.

pink striped hatMost recently, I became obsessed with making baby hats. Never mind that it's currently 102 degrees in Texas right now. I figured I'd get a head start on the winter. I started out with a very cute strawberry hat (see above). But when I finished it, I plopped it on E's head and realized it's too small. Crap. I guess it'll make a good baby gift. So I started another one that I thought would be much much bigger, this one stripey. It fits her head perfectly, which means that in a couple months, it will also be way too small. Dammit. Then I started thinking, maybe I'll make one for a friend who's having a little boy soon. But I didn't have any boy colored yarn. Another trip to the store. Or maybe I'll make a whole bunch of different ones and sell them... You can see the downward spiral.

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