Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally finished the dress

I'm probably ruining a bit of the surprise here, but since it's already a belated gift (and I know that the recipient won't mind), I figure what the heck, I'm posting it!

I made E a couple of cute little shirred summer dresses last summer and decided to make one in for a friend's daughter's birthday. I chose this Care Bears print partly because I know the birthday girl loves Care Bears, but also partly out of revenge for introducing E to Dora the Explorer, the new bain of my existence.

Anyways, turns out that I'm a little rustier than I thought at making these, so it's not 100% perfect (which also means that I'm not even close to 100% happy with it), but I still think it turned out cute. I cheated and just used ribbon for the straps since that way I don't have to worry about them being the wrong length.


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