Saturday, March 21, 2009

Confession time

I've never really sewn from patterns before. Much like my knitting, I sort of prefer to figure out how things go together and just work it out on my own. I've come to realize though that while that generally works out ok in knitting, in sewing, it can have truly disastrous results. It's much harder to figure out how a particular piece of fabric needs to be cut, and unlike yarn, it can't be undone. So in an attempt to have a more polished outcome, not to mention a cuter style overall, I ordered a couple PortabelloPixie patterns through a co-op.

I'll be honest. I'm totally intimidated. Even the prospect of laying everything out and tracing and cutting pieces has me a bit frozen with fear, especially after I unfolded the patterns and realized it's on this HUGE piece of paper. I don't know why I get like this (I mean, is IS just fabric), but for some reason this is the root of my procrastination. But I'm determined to power through it and get going on a dress this weekend and I think posting this will help force me to do it!

Here is the fabric I have picked out.

Actually, I'll confess that this is round 2 of fabric. I also bought some other stuff earlier that I ended up changing my mind about, although I did stick with the same big print on the left for the skirt. I'm hoping to spend tomorrow tracing patterns and maybe even cutting, depending on if the kid cooperates. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

don't get discouraged! and sandi henderson's patterns are great, so just keep thinking about how great the dress is going to look once you're done!! btw, i love the fabric! i had that top stratosphere print a while back and have used it all up and can't find it anywhere anymore!!

Michelle said...

Not sure which exactly one you're referring to, but the flowery print on the left I found at Hancock's. The blue one is actually a fat quarter I got at Joann's. :)


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