Tuesday, February 24, 2009

quickie weekend update

Just so you all don't think I'm still slacking....

I did start a new knitting project on Saturday night. It's actually this exact hat kit, which my sister-in-law gave me several years ago as a Christmas gift. Yes, I know that I still suck for admitting that I've had it sitting around untouched for that long. In any case, I didn't get nearly as far as I would have liked (too much chatting, not enough knitting), and it's actually a far more complicated pattern than I initially realized, so I think it's going to take me a while to finish.

However, I did also work on some stuff on Sunday. T actually joined me for a rare joint "crafternoon," helping me out with prep for E's birthday party in a couple weeks. We're doing a farm/barnyard theme and since we had all these large cardboard boxes in the garage, I had the idea to make some large cutouts of farm animals.

Figuring out how to cut the cardboard into recognizable shapes took some thought since there was no way scissors would work on something so thick, and a box cutter would have made it hard to get clean curves. I toyed with the idea of using my electric carving knife (which is almost like a mini-saw), but then T solved the problem by finding a jigsaw attachment for his dremel tool. It worked like a charm!

I also got a base coat of white paint on everything, so now I mostly just need to fill in details. Lucky for me, I picked mainly white animals, haha!

Sorry, still no pics just yet, but I plan on working on them more tomorrow, so soon...

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