Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who doesn't love ice cream?

I went to another Knitting Night last night at a friend's house. There usually isn't a lot of actual knitting that gets done, but in between gabbing and stuffing my face, I managed to make this ice cream cone. I think I'm eventually going to make them for my shop as part of a "sweets" set, but this one is for E since, thanks to a recent visit by my mother-in-law, she is currently obsessed with ice cream. It actually cracks me up because she has a little plastic ice cream cone that she carries around all the time, repeating "ice-skee" over and over again. Never mind the fact that she's had ice cream exactly twice in her life, and both times were soft serve, not scoops on a cone, but I guess it doesn't matter.


Carla said...

OMG that is the cutest thing EVER. Have you tried cupcakes? If you made ones that would actually fit in a cupcake pan, I bet they'd sell cupcakes!

mee said...

Dude, too cute. i'm stuffing my face on Ice Skee too lately - and poopsicles. can you make those? like the red/white/blue ones. last request, can you crochet a molecule - carbon chain thing for jason?

Michelle said...

Cupcakes are actually next up on my list. I hadn't thought of putting them as a set in a cupcake pan though! Good idea!


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