Thursday, June 5, 2008

quickie update

Once again, I've fallen woefully behind on projects. I started working on a romper that is giving me a huge headache (stupid crotch gussets), so I've temporarily put that aside to go back to the bibs I've been meaning to make for ages now. Although, I have to say E very rarely tolerates a bib these days, so I'm thinking I may use the rest of my stash of flannel and make some cloth wipes to go with my new cloth diapers. I almost bought some, but when I realized that they are just a layer of flannel and terry or velour, I figured I'd save some dough and make my own. Of course, mine won't be all pretty and serged, but I think I can live with it. I'm too tired to take any pictures right now. I'll get some up later this week.

I should also mention that my fabric stash is starting to get out of control. While my friend was here, I managed to buy a few more pieces (I couldn't resist the apples & pears print), and then last week, another mom offered up some fabric for free, so how could I say no?

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Shannon said...

The solution is mini-aprons!

Faith hated bibs, but as soon as she had a *real* apron, she stopped complaining. And as a bonus, it protects the lap too!


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