Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting it all in order

For months now, I've sort of unofficially co-opted the dining room and been using it as my office/craft room. But then my sewing started spilling over into the kitchen, and my yarn has been scattered all over the house pretty much always. So a few weeks ago, T let me officially take over the dining room on the condition that I keep my stuff contained to that room. We bought a bunch of shelves, rearranged furniture and got some bins...and now I have my very own craft room! I'm so excited. I have a desk for the computer, a separate table for my sewing machine that I can also use as a cutting table. A huge shelf for storage, and even room to keep the ironing board out. Just for sake of babyproofing, as well as space, we kept our shelves of CDs, as well as the mini-fridge in the room too, but they don't really get in the way. So I've been working on getting it really organized and I think I'm almost there.

Last weekend, my best friend came to visit and we managed to get a couple small projects going. She is also crafty and Asian, but way better at sewing, so I got to pick her brain a bit on some things that I'd been wanting to try. First up, we made a little diaper pouch, similar to the "diapees & wipees" ones I've seen in stores. I always looked at those and thought, "I can't believe they're charging $20 (or whatever) for those things when it's just a little reversible pocket!" Well, now I know why. Those things are a pain in the ass to make! Way harder than I thought it'd be, although granted, we kind of screwed up our pattern, which added extra steps. And yes, I know the birds are upside down on the flap. But!! Why didn't anyone ever warn me how much ironing was involved in sewing? Still, I think next time I see something like that, I may not be so eager to be like, "pfft...I could make that myself..."

The irony of this project is that I'm sort of in the process of switching to cloth diapers - at least part time. And there is no way I can fit even one of them into this little pouch. And really, I need something that's sort of waterproof for a cloth diaper. So you can bet your life that I'm going to be buying a zipped waterproof pouch (known in the cloth diapering world as a wetbag). $15 is going to be a bargain.


Anonymous said...

Those are great! I've seen the Diapees (sp?) in stores and wondered the same thing!

Anonymous said...

haha...i've been trying to make a diapers and wipe case on my own too. got too sidetracked and then saw those diapees & wipees at babies r us and couldn't believe how much they cost!

mee said...

So you know i've been making a lot of "pouches" and handbagy type things. I bet you could use one of mine as a diaper bag esp for your reusable daipers. I'll send you one.


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