Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knitting night

Last night I went to what's called a "mom's night in," which is pretty much what it sounds like: a bunch of moms getting together (mostly without their kids) at someone's house. And since it was knitting-themed, we pretty much all just sat around and knitted and chatted. This is actually the second one of these that I've been to, although T insists that this is actually a cover for some sort of crazy girls night out involving tequila and male strippers. Don't I wish!

In any case, as boring as it may sound to many, it was actually quite fun. And I got to make some headway on the latest skull hat I've been working on for E. I ended up completely unraveling the first one I made for her and starting over using a variation of the same pattern I used to make this one for my sister-in-law. As I get really close to finishing though, I worry that I'm going to run into the same problem of it being too deep in the crown. So it looks like I may be starting over again. *sigh*


Nicole said...

Im quite impressed with your perseverence! If it was me and I was knitting, id either chuck it altogether or say oh well and continue it with the flaws. HA.

Shannon said...

I love this! I may be bugging you next winter to make me one to buy for Ben!

Anonymous said...

Wow, cute!! That sooo makes me want to learn to knit!!!


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