Sunday, December 23, 2007

Skull hat - take 2

After seeing my first attempt, my sister-in-law became obsessed with having a skull hat of her very own (see the comments on this post). I didn't have the stamina to make another one, but I did find another pattern that was a somewhat simplified version and offered to make her that one instead. And believe it or not, not only did I actually follow through and make it, but I even finished it in time for Christmas! Hooray! It turned out a bit bigger than the pattern called for based on the gauge I'd gotten when making E's kitty hat, but she had told me in advance that she has a big head (as do I), so it actually worked out perfectly. Besides, I figure she can shrink it a little if she has to. As a bonus, it is really very warm and cozy since it has a double layer "headband" inside. I know she wants matching mittens, but not sure if and when I'll get to those.

Overall though, I'm pretty proud of how this hat turned out and I'm thinking about making one for myself, probably in pink and black, and maybe a matching one for E too, but with the colors reversed. Of course, I probably won't start either till after the holidays and knowing me, I'll finish them sometime this summer.

My mom saw me making this one and was creeped out by the skulls. She gave me a lecture about how it's bad for a baby to be wearing something with skulls on it. T has started referring to it as the 'death hat.'

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Anonymous said...

You made that hat? That's amazing! I am very impressed!


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