Thursday, December 13, 2007

Odds and ends

I couldn't stand it that E didn't have a cute little hat to wear in the cold weather (especially since it's been kind of chilly here lately), so I very hastily whipped one up yesterday. I figured I'd just start with a generic design and then see how far I could get with adding things onto it. I actually got a lot further than I thought (apparently, watching Project Runway inspires me to knit very very fast). I got a hat, earflaps and one sad kitty-ear done before we had to go out this morning.

Also, since I gave it to her already, I can post the needle roll I made for my friend Meighan. It's actually much much nicer than the first one I made for myself, as it has two layers of pockets and a layer of cotton batting in the middle. And I love the fabric, which I bought special because I know she has a thing for birds. Of course, being the slightly compulsive/anal retentive person I am, I'm still not 100% happy with it (grrr to the crooked stitching), but overall, it looks pretty good. And T, being the good hubby that he is, said that crooked seams pale in comparison to the fact that it was homemade with love and is one of a kind. Awwww.

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Nicole said...

I love this! I want one! May have to make one now... :)


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