Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few shots more of the nap mat

I rarely post pictures that are just for cuteness sake, but today I managed to get E to actually lay down on her new nap mat and act like she was sleeping. It was too cute not to share (excuse the toddler detritus in the background).

But then of course, she started to get all silly with it

Last, but not least, I discovered that if I roll it up instead of trying to fold it, it stays together much better, especially with the pillow in there, so I think I may leave it that way for now. I also added a shot of the bottom opening. I do still need to add a strap or buckle of some sort though.


mee said...

Hey what are the dimensions of the nap mat rolled up? I can sew a case for it so you don't need straps or closures. or you could sew it too :)

LilBitsOfCode said...

Cute! Wish I had talent like you to make a mat. I bought one from kidsdesignz.com and it was very nice. I highly recommend getting one through them for those of us that can't make our own (or have the time!)


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