Monday, January 7, 2008

Falling behind

Well, I was on an excellent roll until I actually got ON vacation and had to deal with a sick baby, being sick myself, and just all-around too much travel and stress. I did not manage to finish the scarf I started for my brother's girlfriend, nor did I even start on anything else. I'm feeling pretty lazy about now since the projects are starting to pile up.

Last night, I started knitting a cotton dishcloth, just for kicks. It's knitting up pretty fast, so I'm hoping to be done with it tonight or tomorrow. When I told T what I was making, his response was, "why?" My response? "Because it's cute," and "why not?" I mean, really, come on. Who really knits things because they're cheaper or because they have a burning need for them? If I want a decently cute, cheap winter hat, I can go to Target or Old Navy and pick one up for like, $5. In fact, that's exactly what I did when I realized that the kitty hat I made for E wasn't going to cut it in Chicago. But most crazy crafty types make things because they're unique, they're cute, and they take great satisfaction in knowing that they made something themselves. Am I right?

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