Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Racing to finish

I leave town in four days!! And while I'm very excited to see my family, I'm also feeling super stressed about getting all my little projects done before I go. As usual, I got way over-ambitious and bit off more than I can chew when it came to making Christmas presents this year. Argh.

I do have one major present done, which I'm actually quite proud of, but I can't post it just yet because I don't want to ruin the surprise, just in case the person happens to see this. I also have one knitting project in progress and one that I haven't even started, but at least knitting is portable, so I can try and get those done after I get to Chicago.

A couple other things I'd hoped to get done before leaving include some kind of poncho or cape for E to wear while in the Ergo, and the felted sweater cardigan. I've run into a total brick wall on that last one since I'm not sure I have enough material to cut out all the pieces. So now I'm debating whether I should cannibalize the matching longies or maybe just do the sleeves in a contrasting color? Not that I have time to do either of these things.

Also, for all my projects and obsession with knitting little hats, I realized that E does not have a warm hat to fend off the freezing midwestern temperatures. I'm actually kind of kicking myself about it right now since there's no way I can knit one before we leave. Double argh.

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