Friday, April 6, 2012

Cellphone Holder

I waste more time than I care to admit on Pinterest.  Like most people, I think I mostly pin things that I never have any intention of buying, cooking, making, etc.  I've decided to change that and I'm going to try and start picking one thing each week to actually make.  Last week, I made this holder from an empty lotion bottle for my phone to sit in while it charges.  This will come in super handy during those times when it seems like there's no place to set your phone down while it charges, especially while traveling.

Directions to make your own can be found on this site.  It was super quick & easy to make, especially since I already had all the materials I needed in the house. I think it took me longer to empty the last of the lotion into another bottle and wash it out than anything else. Probably less than an hour from start to finish.  The only thing I would recommend would be to maybe make the back portion a bit taller so that there is a little more space between the plug and the top of my phone, but of course that will vary depending on the size of your phone.  Also, I didn't care for the feel of the fabric after coating it with the mod podge, so I may give it a spray of acrylic sealer at some point.

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