Tuesday, March 30, 2010


About a month ago, I started making a bunch of skirts for E with the hopes that spring would soon be here, and that we could finally make a serious effort to start potty-training.  Well hurrah, hooray!  Both have finally come! 

Here are a few of the skirts I've made.  These whipped up very quickly, especially with my ruffler foot. ;)

Here is E's favorite, mostly because it looks like the one that her plush Minnie Mouse wears.  It was the quickest and easiest to make, mostly because I just did a quick rolled hem on the bottom and a wide band for elastic casing at the top.
Minnie skirt
This is not an uncommon look nowadays:
IMG_1238 by you.

This skirt was supposed to be part of her birthday outfit, and I even had a matching "3" applique shirt embroidered by Kenzie Kouture, but of course, when the actual day came, E insisted on wearing the Minnie skirt. *sigh*
IMG_1191 by you.

I did, however, manage to get her to wear the complete outfit to school one day, so here's a pic I managed to snap as she tore around the house like a maniac.  Sorry for the slight blur.  She's fast.

IMG_0824 by you.

This is probably my favorite skirt so far.  I love the skull fabric!  I think I also realized after making this one that I prefer the drop-waist style.
IMG_1189 by you. 

I actually made this skirt specifically for E's 3-year-old photo shoot in Deep Ellum with our favorite photographer.  I also commissioned another embroidered shirt from Kenzie Kouture to match, this time with heart & crossbones.  Here is my big girl, in her "model" pose. ;)
DSC_6093 2 by Chera25. 

And I can't resist including this shot of T and I, with our monkey:
DSC_6073 2 by Chera25. 

Now that we are potty-training full force, I'm anticipating a lot more skirts and dresses for spring and summer!


Sandy a la Mode said...

love the name of your blog! i'd like to think i am the same! =P your daughter is soooo adorable! i just love the skirts u made for her!

Valerie said...

OMG! Freaking adorable!!!

Ken said...

Michelle, It's Ken. I know, wrong blog to post for the audition comment, but I like the picture of the three of you. Mommy's lookin' fizzine! Okay, on my way to the Mommy Blog. I might need to reserve a comment until I try out a recipe. As you can see, my comments are GOLD!



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