Saturday, July 11, 2009

A new pledge (or subtitled: yes, I really do need an intervention)

I am going on the fabric wagon. For real.

Here's my new pledge. I am not buying a single scrap of fabric until I get rid of some of what I have. I have easily 2o sewing projects in my queue right now (don't even get me started on the dozens of unfinished/unstarted knitting & crochet projects), mostly for other people, and until I knock out a significant number of them, I am not buying another bit of fabric. Seriously. I'm counting on you people to hold me accountable.

Just to give you a taste of how crazy things have gotten, here are some pics of recent fabric acquisitions. Never mind that my craft room is already packed to the gills with bins and shelves and bags of fabric.

Top two are Japanese prints that I got for reasonably cheap from a website that was going out of business. The bottom two are Michael Miller prints that I got on sale about 3 weeks ago. I hadn't intended on getting very much until E looked at them and demanded that I make her a new nap mat. So I guess I'm making her a new nap mat for this fall. Whatevs.

Robot fabric!! Need I say more?

Random cute fabric. Had to take advantage of being in Iowa last week to pick up some licensed fabric from the local Jo-Ann. And who doesn't love owls? And sushi?

And here's a big bunch of fat quarters, most of which I got on sale yesterday. I'm planning on churning out a ton of crayon rolls and maybe some drawing cases or bags too. In fact, I'm thinking I may try and sell a bunch to fund my habit. I'm happy to take special requests. ;)

Maybe when I'm feeling less embarrassed, I'll post some more of my gigantor stash. Or better yet, maybe I'll be able to post it as FOs!


Sarah Greenman said...

I'm absolutely the wrong friend to hold you accountable. I'm more of an enabler.

Michelle said...

Wait a second, I just remembered something. Sarah, this new quilting fetish is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!

mee said...

BUY MORE FABRIC! That's reverse psychology. But what I really mean is...send me fabric. I don't have a good fabric stash right now....just a few pieces and I'm sick of sewing with them. I can send you a blank check ;)


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