Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More bibs and the dino dress!

I am on a crazy sewing streak lately. I just can't rave enough about my new machine. It's really made sewing so much more fun! Nothing crazy exciting this week. More bibs, this time for one of E's little friends. Sorry the picture is sorta crappy - I had to rush to snap a quick one since the girls decided to put them on and wear them around the house.

I also whipped up this bib and burp cloth set for a friend who needed a shower gift. It's funny because I've had this flannel for a while, and I had been feeling sort of 'meh' about the print, at least in regards to making anything for E, but I think it was perfect for something for a little baby.

And last, but not least, I finally finished the dinosaur print sundress! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I managed to find some green grass-looking fabric to go with it, which I though would be apropos since at least some of the dinosaurs on there are herbivores. Hee!

And because I love this print so much, here's a close-up. I'm feeling really glad I bought extra now to make other stuff later.

The shirring went much much more smoothly this time around, partly because I did not cut it as wide, so it didn't have to be gathered quite so much, but also partly because I upped the tension so I didn't have to pull the threads at all! I also came up with a nice little trick to keep all the loose ends out of the way - Scotch tape! I taped all the ends to one side, which kept me from accidentally sewing over them, as well as kept them exactly in place when I stitched the knots down. And since it was off to the side, I never had to sew through it; I just pulled it off when I was done and trimmed the threads down.

And not to keep harping on my machine, but I have to say, having an overcast stitch makes all the difference in the world! Look how much neater and more professional the inside of the dress is. I don't know how I ever lived without it!

I spent this past weekend doing a major inventory and reorganization of my fabric stash. I managed to clean out a lot of odds and ends and get everything stored in a more efficient manner. Mostly, what this means is that I can actually see the top of my sewing table again! And hopefully, it'll stay that way from now on.

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Sarah Greenman said...

Love the bibs... but I have to say, the dress ROCKS. I love the juxtaposition of the frilly dress in the Dino print. Perfect.


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