Thursday, May 28, 2009


E has been talking a lot about backpacks lately (or as she calls them, "packbacks") so I thought I'd whip one up for her. I originally wanted to make either a bunny or a robot backpack since she's been obsessed with both lately, but I realized that they were going to require a bit more thought and planning. So instead, I came up with this monster backpack. The nice thing about monsters is no one cares if they look all wonky and ugly, haha! For instance, I misplaced one of the eyes I had cut, so I just snipped another out of a scrap from my pile. It doesn't get any better than that.

I made this out of fleece and felt and then stitched ribbon to some nylon webbing I had laying around for the straps. I think I may try and make a "nicer" one that'll be more finished-looking, and probably lined too.

Here's a shot of his 'mouth' with the flap up.

And E proudly wearing it with her boots.


LitLass said...

I love that! You did a great job. Do you think that would fit a folder?

Michelle said...

I wanted to keep it small, so I don't think it'd fit a folder, but since I kind of winged it with the pattern, it'd be very easy for me to make it a little bigger so that it could. ;)

Dina said...

very cute!!!

Sarah Greenman said...

Love the teeth!

mee said...

Nice job! very scary!!!! make me one to fit my laptop. btw, have you started working on your clutch?


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