Friday, April 10, 2009

Tutus, bags and more dresses

Believe it or not, my lack of posts does not mean I've been slacking! I've actually been pretty busy rotating between a few different projects lately, and I even finished one the other day but have not had a chance to post just yet (that whole full-time mom thing has an annoying way of disrupting my craft & blog time).

Anyways, I bought the stuff to make E a tutu skirt a while back but sort of lost steam on it when I couldn't quite decide how I wanted to put it together. Well after getting annoyed with a different project I just started (more on that in a minute), I decided to come back to it. It's basically on layer of shimmery chiffon-y material, and then 3 layers of tulle. I do sort of like the look of the finished product, but next time around I'll definitely put it together differently. I screwed up the order (my punishment for not thinking it through before starting to sew) and it ended up taking me probably 3 times as long as it should have.

No action shot just yet, but only because the day that I gave it to E and let her wear it, her shirt was absolutely filthy and I couldn't bear to take or post any pictures of her looking like that.

Other projects I'm currently working on:
Another PortabelloPixie outfit, this time the "Gracie" reversible jumper. I'm not big on pockets or rick-rack, so it's going to be pretty plain. I am, however, totally perplexed by how the neck yoke is supposed to go on. I'm hoping that it'll make more sense once I get to that part. I had to temporarily put it on hold until I got a new ironing board after my old one went kaput.

I'm also making another shirred sundress, this time for the daughter of my favorite photographer. That one shouldn't take me more than a couple hours, once I get everything cut. Again, I've been waiting on getting a new ironing board. I have to say, for someone who hates to iron, I've become very reliant on my iron and ironing board. :P

I'm starting to have a love-hate relationship with my other big current project. I've never made a bag before and have always wanted to, so instead of sucking it up and springing for the Birdie Sling pattern, I decided to start with the Everything Bag from an Amy Butler book that a friend loaned me, even though it looked sort of complicated.

Well, "sort of" is a huge understatement. I've spent the better part of the last 3 or 4 evenings cutting out 48 freaking pieces from 2 different fabrics and 3 different types of interfacing. Yeesh. All I can say is, thank god for rotary cutters. I finally got a new ironing board last night, so I'm hoping that I can at least have all the pieces prepped tonight before I go to another sewing night tomorrow.

That's it for now! Hope to have some completed stuff to put up after this weekend, or at the very least some pictures of the work in progress.

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Chrystyna said... you think the Birdie Sling pattern will be easy to use. I'm a little scared now that I realize the bag you were working on Saturday night was an Amy Butler also! LOL!


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