Monday, September 8, 2008

The nap mat saga continues...

Well, I tried to sell off E's nap mat thinking that I'd make a new one, but that sorta fell through. Plus, I got all lazy and unmotivated to make a brand new one this past weekend, so instead, I decided to just make some adjustments so I could still use the old one. Pretty simple, really. I bought some quilt batting from Joann's, doubled it up and stuffed it inside. Then I put the pillow insert in and sewed a line straight across to keep it from falling out. Sewed a few diagonal lines to keep the batting from moving around too much, and voila! New and improved nap mat!

If I weren't so lazy, I would have ripped the velcro off and sewn the whole thing shut since it keeps sticking to the batting. I may get to that eventually, but not before school starts tomorrow.

I also added a little carrying handle out of the nylon webbing that I was originally going to use as a strap/buckle to keep it closed, but then discovered I couldn't since it was a strangulation hazard. The strap is kind of useless right now though since I don't have a way to hold the whole thing closed. Again, I'm shooting to have it all finished up by next week.
Right now, I'm scurrying to throw together a tote bag and lunch bag, and I've also got to stick name labels on just about everything. It's going to be a late night!

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mazzaglia said...

Try sewing to pieces of fabric and cutting button holes out of them. Sew it onto the end of the mat and attach the buttons to the backside. When you roll it up you can button it closed with the flaps you have sewn in. This works great, I just made a nap mat with a blanket attached at the bottom for my son. Hope it helps.


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