Wednesday, September 12, 2007

old stuff

I'm in the process of transferring pictures from the old computer to the new one and found some pix of old projects, so I thought I'd share. Most of these are things that I made for other people and I'm glad that I took a picture for posterity. It helps me remember that I do actually finish projects every once in a while.

First up is one of the first fruit hats I ever made. I think I was actually originally intending it to be a strawberry, but I got too lazy to do the dots for the 'seeds' so I renamed it a tomato hat. Made with cheapo acrylic Red Heart yarn when I was still living on a student budget in Austin. I think I gave this to Paula, but I can't remember for sure.

Next is a kitty kat hat. Again, made a couple years ago with Red Heart. I made this for Madigan, who I've since lost touch with. :( This was my first attempt at doing stripes in the round and thus my first encounter with the dreaded 'jog.' You can't see it, but the stripes don't match up in the back, so there's an unsightly seam. I've since learned how to do the 'jogless jog.' I was otherwise pretty proud of this hat, especially the ears, which I not only did in two colors, but stuffed with a little poly-fil too. Hmmmm, maybe I should make a kitty hat for E....

Last but not least, one of my first attempts at baby booties. Of course, I couldn't just find an easy free pattern somewhere. I had to go to the trouble of buying a whole book of very pretty, rather complicated booties. These turned out pretty well, although I'm not certain how accurate the sizing was when all was said and done. And yes, I did actually do a gauge swatch for a change. I'm still not sure I buy into those things. These were for our friends Mike & Michele's baby, Ella. I was afraid to ask if she ever really wore them since, again, I wasn't sure about the fit and I didn't want to put them on the spot. Which also reminds me, I have two other pairs of unfinished booties from that same blasted book.

One of the projects that I really wish I had a picture of was a beautiful afghan I made as a wedding gift for some friends who are no longer together. It had dark blue, cornflower blue and celery green zigzag stripes, made with super soft yarn and big enough for a queen size bed. I'm not sure who ended up with it or if it's even still around. That's my lesson learned about not taking pictures of finished projects.

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