Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aptly timed silliness

I finally got a chance to give the Care Bears dress to its intended recipient today and of course, she couldn't wait to put it on (heehee, sorry Heather!). Then of course, once E saw her wearing a dress, she wanted to wear one too, so what better opportunity to try on the skull dress I just finished. I thought I'd share the action shots of the two dresses, even though they're both being worn over clothing, and accompanied by silly accessories.

Oh, and I did end up finishing the bloomers to go with the Care Bears dress. I didn't end up putting elastic around the legs because I was worried they'd be too snug, so they look more like shorts than bloomers or spankies or whatever the heck people call them. But they were definitely a lot easier to make than I thought, so I'll definitely be making more from now on.

Here's a crappy last-minute picture.

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