Monday, June 21, 2010

Olivia dresses

A friend requested that I make a dress out of Olivia fabric for her daughter.  She originally requested a simple A-line dress with criss-cross straps, so I loosely traced one of E's dresses to make a simple little pattern and then sewed a couple tubes to make the straps.  I rolled the bottom hem on my serger to keep as much of the length as possible.  I originally left the straps un-tacked down in the back so that I could customize them to the right length, but then we decided to leave them that way and make it into a halter dress.

IMG_1856 by you. 

IMG_1892 by you.

IMG_1893 by you.

Of course, once E saw her friend's dress, she insisted that I make a matching one for her too.  I made the top band a bit bigger to try and get more length out of it for my tall girl, but I realize now I should have adjusted the width too. 
Here's the promised pic (excuse the weird face, she was not being very cooperative).

IMG_1914 by you.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

awww that dress is sooo cute! i love the contrast of the band with the red fabric!


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