Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gotta love trades

pink beanie - front viewside view

This is another brimmed beanie hat, crocheted in alternating stripes of hot pink and a pink/white variegated cotton yarn. I'm slowly but surely perfecting my pattern for this style of hat. This is my favorite so far in terms of the shape of the brim, although I made it a single layer instead of the usual double, so it's softer. This was part of a trade for a mini-session with one of my favorite photographers, the uber-talented Chera.

Judging by how our pictures turned out, I think I definitely got the better end of the deal! ;) Here's a peek at one of my favorite shots.


Anonymous said...

E is so cute!! Bright pink is definitely her color. And, of course, I love the hat!!

Anonymous said...

whoops, anonymous is me, grace, i clicked the wrong thing!

Chera25 said...

Cassidy loves the hat!!! Thanks for them both! :D


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