Friday, April 4, 2008

Crafty links

I know I have a couple sets of links on the sidebar, but lately I've come across some random fun stuff that I thought I'd share for the other crafty types out there.

First off is Shana Logic, which is a cool little shop with lots of really funky stuff. Some of it is kinda pricey, but it's good for some inspiration if you can't afford the price tags.

For all you sci-fi nerds out there, I found this crazy contest to make your own Cylon on Make Magazine's website.

Another magazine site I like is Craft Magazine. If it weren't so darn expensive, I'd love to get a subscription ($35 for 4 quarterly issues!), but I'll settle for the scraps I can glean from their website. I'll confess that part of the appeal is their nice clean design. And just ago, through Craft, I found my way to Etsy Labs, where, among other things, I found a great tutorial on fusing plastic bags! [Sidetrack: despite my efforts to use cloth shopping bags more often, we are constantly overrun with plastic bags which pile up and up under our sink and in the garage until either T or I get so fed up we make a special trip to the store just to recycle them. Bleg.]

I kind of randomly found Whip Up, I'm not sure how. But they have a lot of cute stuff, including interesting takes on what I would otherwise have written off as boring patterns.

Through the local moms board I'm on, I found Craftster and Instructables. Craftster is another message board, but there are lots and lots of great ideas and tutorials on all different sorts of crafts, from knitting to sewing to jewelry-making, get the idea. And you don't have to sign up to view stuff, so you can just poke around if you want.

Instructables is a bit more random in the type of stuff on there, but most of it is pretty entertaining, even if it's something you'll never make in your entire life, like say, a
duct tape shoe, or a Bratz doll knife block. A lot of the stuff on there involves using power tools, so I kind of put it more towards handy rather than just crafty.

And I can't post a set of links without including one of my favorite knitting sites, Knitty.

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